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Tributes to the Greats

Comedy did not appear out of nowhere.

There were greats that came and changed the landscape forever.

This page was created to pay tribute to these greats and to pay tribute to their contributions to our industry.

If you would like to learn more about them, we welcome you to read the page below.

Remember the Comedians for they leave more behind than laughter

Beltway Comedy Guide
A Tribute To

Comedians Born in Washington, DC

The Beltway Comedy Guide proudly pays tribute to Washington, DC. This is a place that has given birth to some of the best comedy for years through the politicians that work here. It's also given birth to some of the greatest comedians. In the world of nature vs. nurture, there's something in the genes of the people who come to DC that gives birth to funny kids.

Born in DC were...

Stephen Colbert - starting with his success at the Second City in Chicago, he proceeded to take the Daily Show by storm, turned the world upside down with the irony of the Colbert Report, and now works late night for CBS.

Charles Fleischer - the voice of Roger Rabbit, his comedy is always out on the edge, and sometimes over it!

Michael Winslow - famous from the Police Academy movies, his vocal talents continue to amaze

Bill Nye - who doesn't know the Science Guy?

I'm sure this trend will continue and we'll get far more comedy from DC.